A Sleepover With The Toddler

Poor Mr Firstooth had to work the weekend just gone and Sunday proved to be a very trying day, for him and myself. We were hoping to have daddy home at around 5pm, until the sod let me know it’d be more like 2.30 (yay), in the morning (boo).

Once I had adjusted to this horrific news, the children and I continued on with our day which all the while had me dreading the evenings events. It’s been a while since I’ve bathed them both by myself and since then, our baby no longer sits in a bath seat and also insists on standing, because she enjoys seeing my heart leap out of my chest when she does, it’s very funny apparently. So bath-times are a splashy and messy time which is an impossible job for one person.

So once the evening came, I thought, there is no shitting way I am even attempting to bath them by myself.

So I didn’t.

Bedtime came and went. Neither were in bed. I’m losing the will to live by this time. A baby that really didn’t stop crying, a toddler that emptied every kitchen cupboard, toy box and cereal tub, then me, also in tears.

Action needed to be taken so I thought right, lets brave this, lets put the baby to bed, without the routine [bites nails]. If she cries, she cries. We can cry together. Thankfully she went down without a grizzle!

Now for the toddler. I was still reeling from an extremely tearful, tricky evening (seriously, to all single parents – you are bloody amazing!) so I decided I needed some comfort. In the form of my cuddly, sleepy, lovable boy. I made an extremely reckless and selfish decision (in some peoples eyes) and decided he was going to sleep in our bed.

I popped Peppa on the laptop for him to watch while I showered and every now and then, he would pop his head round the door, finding it hilarious that he could scare me shitless. We snuggled up in bed and he was so chuffed that he was in a big bed, with a blanket and pillows. Oh, the luxury!

It was just the comfort I needed. I felt like a terrible mother all evening, being unable to cope and juggle two children. So, to make him so happy made me feel like, maybe I’m not so bad after-all.

Then he wouldn’t sleep.

I was drifting in and out of consciousness, while he was wide-eyed watching the laptop still. School-boy error. What a silly billy I am, I left the laptop on! The second the laptop went off, was the second he also switched off. He was snoring within seconds, just like his dad.

I nodded off shortly after and woke up in the early hours, to find a sleeping man on the floor. Poor Mr F didn’t want to wake either of us up (what a gem) so he grabbed a towel and made do with sleeping on the washing pile.

I did manage (somehow) to move the toddler back into his bed so daddy can get some rest. So we can all get some rest.

Then the baby woke up.


Peppa and George joined us too. Toddler sleepovers are risky, but if it pays off, then it’s worth the risk!

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  1. August 12, 2015 / 10:35 am

    BattleKid NEVER settles if I bring him into my bed. The only time he comes in is in the morning when we’re prepared to be awake. Otherwise, as much as I’d love to cuddle up to him at night during the week when BattleDad isn’t there, I just can’t as neither of us will get any sleep.

    • August 13, 2015 / 5:35 am

      Our son used to be the same (the post ‘the disastrous night away’ was him, over 7 months ago) I never thought we’d see the day, so hopefully your son will grow into it. It’s only worth it if your almost sure they’ll sleep well 😀

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