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What’s Firstooth About?

Surprising Firstooth isn’t about teeth. When thinking of a name it came to me quite quickly. I’m not sure how to explain fully but as a family we’re discovering ‘firsts’ every day. The first time we visit a special place, the first time they use the potty, the first dreaded tantrum, the first time they say ‘I love you mummy’. There’s a first for everything and there’ll be a first blog post to record it all.

Firstooth is ultimately our family scrapbook and my online thoughts diary. I’m passionate about writing, photography and recording each stage in our lives. It’s also an outlet for my concerns as a mum and a place to expel the difficulties I find being a parent. A blessing it is, but it isn’t always easy, so honesty is a strong theme throughout Firstooth.

I started this blog shortly after we moved into our new home. We’d moved away from family and friends and I felt a little isolated, I needed something a little different to keep me motivated. I absolutely love my role as a mother but I think every mum needs something for herself, a place to be creative. Since that day I have fallen in love with blogging and it’s strangely made me a much more confident parent.

Not only is our family life and loves recorded on this blog, but my love of cooking, interiors and lifestyle are also shared.

Who’s Firstooth?

We’re a family of four. We laugh loudly, dance often and sing terribly.

I’m Lizzie, the writer behind the blog. I spend my days with my teeny toddlers, exploring Kent, cooking up a storm and spending a lot of time at the beach. I found initial period of becoming a mother equally wonderful and shocking. It’s certainly no easy task to raise children, especially two with only a year between them. Although now they’ve hit toddlerhood, I think I’ve found my calling, I’m made for them just as much as they’re made for me. My sweet toddlers are tricky little things, but hilarious and so much fun.

I love to cook, dance, write, travel and organize. I have an odd dislike of any mess, it really affects my mood, so whenever possible I like to keep things straight and tidy. Not easy. I also have an obsession with colours, anything bright and colourful always catches my eye, especially yellow.

Mr Firstooth is my man of nearly 7 years and their father. He’s not one for having his picture taken, but obliges anyway which I appreciate. He’s a supportive partner and doting father, he found his calling as a dad, I love him more everyday when I see how in love he is with our children.


Unfortunately he enjoys watching football, although he’s not obsessed which is a lucky escape for me! He likes the typical things too, golf, cars, every sport you can think of. We’re both pizza and Mexican addicts, but he also has an addiction to sweets. Kids and grown ups certainly do love it so!

He fell into a career 6 years ago and his job means he works odd hours, sometimes early sometimes late and he can end up working across the country. He complains about the travel but I think he enjoys it really, I could tell you about some fantastic places he’s visited because of his job.

Our kids are very little toddlers and are both very different. Our son is a sensitive, loving and passionate little boy. He’s going through the difficult stage of being two years old, where sometimes everything p’s him off and nothing makes him happy.


When he’s not having a grizzle, which isn’t all the time, he can be found watching Fireman Sam, playing in the garden or chasing his sister.

He’s very empathetic to others emotions and hates to see people upset, he has such a heart of gold and a beautiful spirit. We find him very funny and he makes us laugh everyday, he never stops talking, not for a second and he also has some brilliant dance moves!

Our little girl is not a delicate flower. She looks like a sweet gentle girl, but she’s feisty, fearless and determined. She’s confident and super social. I love her sassy ways and for such a tiny girl, I admire her confidence. Her heart is big and she loves to love.


I never pictured myself with a daughter, I’m not sure why. I always thought I’d have sons. So when it was announced that we were having a girl I was shocked (I thought I saw a willy in the scan) I was also nervous, I knew boys and I’d heard some worrying things about parenting girls. But once she was placed into our arms, she was ours and completed our family and hearts in a way we could never have imagined. She’s a very laid back girl, it sounds strange after her contrasting previous description, but she is, she just accepts things and gets on with it.

Our son started our family and our daughter completed it. One of each was a dream come true for us, it’s a very different experience parenting each child, but so rewarding.

If you would like to work with Firstooth or would generally like to have a chat then please email me at firstooth@outlook.com