We’re Back From Our Holiday in Weymouth

We’ve just arrived home from our week away in Weymouth. It was a mixed bag there, we had fantastic days together but holidaying with two small children can be rough at times. Especially when we’re all still chilling on the beach at 10pm when they’re usually in bed by 6.30.

I’ve never visited Weymouth before and I’d never considered having a holiday there until Darren’s parents offered to whisk us away to a place we now know as Weybiza. Even when the caravan was booked I still wasn’t expecting anything special.

In my head I imagined a standard seaside town, something similar to Hastings, but with not much there to do. Possibly even filled with teenagers that’ve bunked off school to wear the infamous grey tracksuit pulled up to their armpits so the cuffs of their bottoms reveal a pair of bitty white socks.

That’s what I imagined.

So, as you can tell, the expectations were incredibly high and possibly hard to surpass.

However the picture in my head of Weymouth couldn’t have been further from the reality. We only saw one person with a tracksuit, man bag, bitty socks and a can of Relentless.

I’m just kidding.

There were two.

Weymouth is actually a gorgeous seaside town. We stayed on the Jurassic Coast and the views we had would calm a stockbroker.

I’ve never seen sea as blue as theirs in the UK and it was so crystal clear that we could see schools of fish swimming along the shore. The beach was incredibly clean and the sand made a welcome change to the pebble beaches we’re used to at home.

Although sand is not welcome in every nook and cranny of my child. I’m sure I shook a whole beach out of them every evening.

The town, which is right next to the beach is one of the sweetest. They have the usual chain stores like Debenhams- just in case we needed a suit at short notice, and a collection of quaint little stores, some a bit random but most display all the shiny things that catch my eye. Like a bejewelled lamp or a porcelain cat.

Then there are the cafes and restaurants. We never starved whilst we were on the beach that’s for sure! We certainly have a favourite little tearoom there and we tried out a few other restaurants but I’ll list those in a separate post.

Just so you come back.

It’s not just the amount of tearooms and shops Weymouth has but it’s how they’re presented. In my eyes it’s a town that’s been really well cared for and is clearly loved by its residents. I don’t think we walked down any street that wasn’t dressed with colourful bunting or huge displays of flowers. It was somewhere we felt right at home.

So we’ve covered the facts that the beach and town are beautiful with lots to offer but you don’t want to spend all your time at the beach. We didn’t that’s for sure, mostly because there were a few days with winds so fierce it nearly stripped the face from my skull. So what else is there to do?

Freaking tons!

Again, I’ll list everything there is to do in another post, including a few attractions we just didn’t have time for. It really wasn’t the sleepy beach I’d envisaged, it was well and truly alive with plenty to do right on your doorstep. Especially if you have children.

We’ve come away needing a holiday from our holiday but we’ve also left with some brilliant memories. We had countless days of non-stop laughter, one day of incessant whingeing and the rest of the time in awe of the sea views.

I can’t recommend Weymouth enough as a UK family holiday. I really mean that too. We’ve done the New Forest twice now, which has always been amazing, but the amount there is for kids in Weymouth just can’t be beaten. Yet. Maybe we’ll discover another coastal gem one day.

I’ll write about a few of our days out and places that you must visit/eat at over the next couple of weeks.

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