“Because we’re Girls, Mummy”

Someone drove into our car today in virtually stationary traffic and then I almost got hit by a car when someone else drove through a red light. C’mon guys. I may have cried like my two year old when she’s wakes from her nap, but I’m made of stronger stuff than that.


I’m actually really not, things like this rip me up like paper and I’m still sat here now replaying everything over and over in my head.


Thankfully we were only moving at a maximum of 5 miles an hour and even though this dimwitted woman thought she had a right to drive into my lane without even indicating and subsequently into my car, my daughter and I are OK.


All I’m going to say here is that this woman gives women drivers a bad name and should be ashamed of herself. There. That doesn’t make me feel better.


If we forget this incident that’s made me nervous to get inside my car again, the rest of the day was pretty fun. It was fun because I spent a shed load of money in Primark and H&M, less fun that nearly none of it was for me. But whatever, one thing I love to do is browse the rails to find cute little outfits for my baby beasts to wear.


After the incident and a ton of finger-pointing I gave my girl a huge cuddle. My tears dried in her hair and I was just so grateful that she was with me. Not in a sense of if I’m going down I’m taking you with me, but because she kept me calm at a time when I could have easily cursed for a solid few minutes.


The bump was tiny she had no idea what was going on and continued to chat away in her usual sweet little voice completely oblivious to what had happened. Thank goodness.


I’d planned to visit Darren’s Mum while she’s off work and had of course also planned to have a little shopping spree for the kids and Darren. So instead of going home to dwell on it all I just decided to carry on into town and with our plans.


On the way there my girl bopped her head to the radio and said “we’re going shopping aren’t we Mummy?” and It’s because we’re girls Mummy, we’re having a girls day”. She’s so sweet.


The kids are forever going on about who’s a boy and who’s a girl these days and it really makes me laugh. They even go as far as to explain why so and so is a boy/girl, which is funny, at home. Not in the middle of a shop when the person they’re describing is standing two feet away.


It was sweet this time though because she’s never called any of our time together ‘a girls day’, it made it feel all the more special.


It didn’t quite end up just us girls shopping, it ended up being just me because Darren’s Mum kindly offered to have her for lunch while I went out. It was lucky in a way because I’d have been so much longer had she been with me but it did mean I didn’t have a stroller to hang all the bags from and ended up sweating on the way back with dented arms carrying the bags back. Forget missing my daughter, I missed her stroller.


But it was worth it.


The kids now have sandals that don’t fall off or rub and have a few new summer outfits. Darren also has new clothes. He’s the kind of man that rarely shops for himself, he’s definitely someone that thinks of himself last, it’s a great quality to have but it does mean that his wardrobe gets slimmer every year with the amount of clothes he’s wearing a hole into.



Getting out and seeing my Mum and Darren’s Mum, the girls, took my mind off everything. Plus I had my girl with me who always makes me smile. Like, ninety percent of the time, when she isn’t grinding her teeth at the word “no”.


Then later in the afternoon we saw our boys.


My little man had a great day at nursery from the sounds of it. I always love hearing what him and his friend get up to during the day and what he’s learnt then he repeats everything a few minutes later when Daddy gets home.


Also another good thing from a not-so-great day was that Darren wasn’t appalled by the amount I’d bought. He kind of can’t give me the disapproving look when it’s all for him and his children. He probably wanted to though, so hats off to him for not doing it.


Then we finished off our evening calling the insurance company and cursing the mother loving driver until it was time for bed. That helped set the balance right inside my soul and restore my inner positivity. You can’t beat a crap ton of swearing with your love to get rid of bad vibes.

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