Beets BLU Smart Scales Review {Flab to Fit}

Throughout my life I’ve never been one for taking measurements of myself. Be it my weight, or my height, which has always meant I’ve never been able to measure my BMI either. I tended to decide my size, my health and my weight, by the clothes I fit in to. While this isn’t the right way to do things, I’ve just never been too fussed about all these figures. Until I had children. Thankfully the Beets Blu Smart Scales can help me track this.

When I was pregnant I gained three stone. I only know this because my midwife weighed me and after I’d given birth my weight became almost an obsession for me. As did food. One thing I never knew was whether my weight was healthy for my body, how could I judge this, Old fashioned scales alone wouldn’t be able to decipher whether I had the right amount of body fat, muscle and that my weight was right for my frame. Old fashioned scales simply show me a number that would dictate whether I’d be in a good mood that morning.

I know now without checking that I wouldn’t be within the healthy range. I eat too much rubbish, I’ve not been able to exercise as much as I’d love to lately because of Mr F’s awkward hours. Also, if I were to use my old method of ‘do my jeans fit’, I know that I’m not a healthy weight. My jeans which used to fit like a glove, now can’t be pulled past my knees.

So how do we measure if we’re not just the right weight, but a healthy weight, taking into account body fat percentage, muscle mass and BMI? Well, for me that’s where Beets Blu come in. I worked with them a while ago reviewing their heart rate monitor and I said in that post that I was excited to try out the Beets BLU scales.


Beets BLU promptly replaced our dusty old scales, which were rarely used, and suddenly it became almost fun to weigh ourselves. So much so that every guest we’ve had lately, we’ve been ushering them onto the scales. Which I don’t recommend doing when you have visitors, but luckily all of ours were obliging and as interested to see their results as we were.

So what does Beets Blu scales measure?

They measure your body fat percentage, BMI, muscle mass and of course shows you your weight. This is all measured by the data you input using the Beets BLU app on your phone. It’s incredibly easy to set up and the scales connect automatically to your phone via Bluetooth. You can even set up multiple profiles for you, your partner and everyone that visits you. Like we did.

I couldn’t tell you how it works, because I’m not sure, but all you do to take check your measurements is stand on the silver plates on the glossy glass scales and wait for the measurements to be taken. Once they’ve been successfully taken, the information instantly pings over to your smart phone. You can then watch your progress over time and set your own targets and goals.

My personal target is to decrease my body fat percentage drastically and improve my BMI. I’m not too fussed about my muscle percentage, but it will be interested to see if this increases once I pick up running more often. This is going to give me something other to focus on other than just weight. Losing weight can be fairly easy, with willpower and dedication, but it’s losing weight healthily that I’m more interested in.

DSC_2715 Untitled design (41)

One thing that did surprise me while I was first testing the scales out, was after stepping on the scales and having my weight assessed and sent over to my phone, a lady would scream out the results. I laughed because if I’d done this in front of anyone, that could have been a little embarrassing.

One more thing that made us all laugh was forgetting to change the user profile when weighing my father in law. My father in law is an active man, and fairly healthy. So when he stepped on the scales and the lady let us all know he was fifty percent body fat, we were all shocked. I think he was actually quite upset with the result, it took a while to realise but when we did we laughed that the scales must have assumed he was a short, dumpy lady.

Overall I love these scales. I’m a little addicted to the graphs. Ok a lot addicted, I weigh myself every morning, after the kids have woken of course, through fear of the woman in the app waking them. I also love the sleek design. They’re discretely thin and designed stylishly with a glass finish. Not like the old dusty scales we had.

It’s given me a little boost and incentive to lose weight. I love nothing more than plotting progress and it’s incredibly easy to do this with the Beets BLU app. And if you’re visiting, we’ll set you up a profile too.

I was sent these scales for the purposes of this review. All opinions and photos are my own.

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