My Brother and Sister Story in July 2016

Every month I notice subtle changes in the relationship between my lovely little ones. Sometimes they fight a little more, sometimes they’re like two peas in a pod. Once thing is certain though, is that they’re both incredibly different little children. I want to remember what they were like as brother and sister growing up, because there’s only so much my mind can hold. It’s getting less as time goes on, with the mind-numbing amounts of kiddies TV during mealtime.

This month I’ve noticed their bond getting much stronger. They’re chatting to each other so much and they really enjoy playing games with together. It’s amazing how so much can change in just a year. A year ago my smallest one had just started walking and wasn’t really interested in toys. She just loved to follow her big brother around, watch him and drive him crazy.

He’s definitely a protective brother. When he sees her upset he always asks what’s wrong and gives her a little cuddle (unless he’s the one that’s made her upset, then he’ll be sitting by himself on the naughty spot). My son is quite solitary, where my girl is very social, so to see him so excited some days to play with his sister and get her involved with whatever he’s doing. But on the other end of the spectrum, he wants her nowhere near him.

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Mr M is very much in control when it comes to playtime. He likes to decide what she plays with and sometimes when she’s off doing her own thing, he gets jealous and take that playtime away. We do have days that involve arguments and tears from start to finish. Fighting over juice, pushchair seats or us. It drives me mad and I beg them to just be nice to each other because they’re so lucky to have a sibling. Though they’re still so little, it really is just part of them growing up, finding their voice and asserting themselves. While it’s my job to remind them know pushing, hitting and taking isn’t what we do.

They certainly know how to wind each other up too!

Both have very sweet gentle natures and we’re lucky that most of the time they treat each other with so much love. Most being sixty percent of the time. But I’ll take that sixty percent!

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