My Brother & Sister Story in September 2016

This month has been such a wonderful month for our family. We’ve celebrated our sons third birthday and we’ve enjoyed a brilliant holiday in the New Forest. While we’ve had lots of things to be excited and happy about, it’s been quite a tough time for my little brother and sister duo.

With age comes squabbles. So for the past few weeks my pair have been falling out, being aggressive with each other and not enjoying their time together. Of course they do still have moments or days where they’ll play nicely or at least put up with each other, but for the most part we’ve been tackling lots of strops and tears. Strops because they always want the same thing and tears because they can’t share whatever that thing is, or because one has pushed/pinched/punched the other.

I think it’s all a part of their development as they grow but it’s been so tough to deal with on a daily basis. My son is also a little more difficult, maybe because he’s that little bit older. He’s definitely the one that will be more rough and authoritative. It drives me crazy when I see him laying on a chair next to her kicking out with his legs for no reason other than to irritate her. Some days I can almost see the devil in his eye and I know he needs to be watched regularly to make sure a war doesn’t break out between them. I always find this so strange because she is the only child he will ever be nasty to. With any other child he really is the sweetest little boy.

While we’re talking about irritating behaviour, my girl definitely has this down to a perfection. Ever since she learned to walk she knew how to wind her brother up, sometimes she’d just need to stare at him to get a reaction and I’ve always secretly found it funny because you can see she thinks it’s hilarious. So even now she’s the master at winding him up. He could put a toy down just for a moment to have a drink and out of nowhere she appears and swipes it. All I see is a blur of hear running away and him screeching behind her. She can also be quite rough with him too, bopping him on the head or throwing her ride-on car in his direction, luckily nobody got hurt!

We do laugh sometimes at their squabbles but lately it’s been really grating. I’ve wanted to lock myself in our loo or scream into our fridge because no matter the punishment or how I talk to them about it, nothing is changing. It probably won’t change for quite some time and by the sounds of it, it’s all normal.

I try to remind them everyday how lucky they are to have one another, not that it’s something they can comprehend just yet. One thing I am finding is that the more we go out, the less they fall out. So for the mean time I’ll be riding the wave of sibling squabbles, but getting them out as often as possible to appreciate the moments where they appreciate each other.

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