Why Chris and Olivia Should’ve totally Won Love Island

I’m going to come right out and admit that I’m one of the few that were really rooting for Chris and Olivia. Some think she’s a b*tch and others say he’s an arrogant idiot, but not me. (I’m lying, those thoughts have definitely entered my head.) Sure, they’re like that but I feel like there’s a tiny bit of Olivia and Chris in all of us.

Just a tiny bit.

If you forget the fact that they’re breaking up every other day and see how they are together, I think they’re the most relatable couple in Love Island. With Kem and Amber a very close second.

They left the honeymoon period of their relationship on the first day and settled into ‘real love’. Which is the best part of the relationship.

As soon as that honeymoon period is over you find yourself being suffocated under a duvet after your partner has farted, you pee in front of them without a second thought, the innuendo jokes are never ending and you bicker about why they’ve thrown your water away because even though it’s been sat out for an hour, you’re still drinking it. Am I right?

Well this is Chris and Olivia.

She reminds me of me when I’m having a bad day. Everything is irritating and from the outside it seems silly but if I want to be upset about my water being thrown away, then dammit I will be.

But I wouldn’t say I’d sleep with another guy and get angry at my guy for being annoyed about it. C’mon Liv. We all say and do silly things but we have to own it. However, I do admire her stubbornness.

The way they are individually and as a couple is hilarious. In a good way. He’s a completely soppy man that feels every woman alive wants to fall at his feet and she’s a completely emotionless ball of anger, it’s like the reverse of the usual male and female stereotype.

The things they argue about is crazy and the situations that upset each other really make me laugh, but it’s probably because I relate. Every now and then something as petty as not receiving a coffee in the morning would get to me. It actually wouldn’t because I can’t stand coffee, but you get what I mean.

The argument in the supermarket was by far the best one they had.

If you could even call it an argument.

Both of their egos and personalities are huge and although I did enjoy seeing the other couples’ progress, I was always intrigued to see the latest drama Chris and Olivia were discussing on the break-up bench.

Second to these two the relationship between Chris and Kem was brilliant. Their raps. Wow.  Little bit, leave it.

There’s no question that they would have won if they’d coupled up.

Part of me wanted Jamie and Camilla to win because it was such a romantic relationship and it was nice to see someone so lovely find love. However, I’m suspicious of Jamie so really Chris and Olivia should have been wheeling that cash off home in a barrow. They’ve truly been on a journey together.

Do you remember when Tyne-Lexi walked away from Chris mid-conversation and he sat there by himself saying, “everyone in this villa fancies me”, like it was a real dilemma for him.

He was my favourite right from that moment.

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