Daily Life With A Baby vs Toddler

There is a difference between our daily life with a baby and toddler. We are proud owners of both and have noticed a few, subtle, differences. Neither age is easier, neither is harder. Both are pretty crazy. God love ’em.

Daily Life with a Baby vs Toddler

Waking Up

Baby wakes up happy, chatting to herself and occasionally sings. Which I listen to through the monitor from the comfort of the bed. On the rarity she wakes up crying, she can be calmed with milk, white noise and cuddles.

Toddler wakes up calling ”mummy, mummy, MUMMY”, no slow wake up period, from the moment his eyes are open nobody is allowed to rest. He sometimes treats us to a tantrum the second he wakes up, there is no calming him, milk will get thrown, white noise won’t drown out the screaming and cuddles are considered harassment.


Baby sits in her highchair and face-plants her bowl of porridge before launching the thing across the room. Then cries because she is hungry, while I scrape porridge residue off the entire sodding kitchen.

The toddler refuses the first five offerings of food, then eats his breakfast quietly, occasionally asking for a water refill or extra grapes. He looks in disgust at his sister who has morphed into the sludge monster from Scooby-Doo.

Getting dressed

The baby just won’t keep f***ing still.

The toddler removes everything that he is dressed in, the moment he is set free.

*loses will to live*


The toddler will spend time putting together his train track and moments later the baby will bound in like Godzilla and destroy everything.

The baby will play with a ball, that just happens to be the very exact ball the toddler wants to play with. What a coincidence.


What would you like for lunch toddler? ”Toast”, fabulous! Oh, you want soup, now that I’ve served you toast, which you asked for.

The baby will eat. And eat. And eat. And eat. And be sick.

Going for a walk

The baby will sit content in the stroller.

The toddler wants to walk. Then sit in the stroller. Then be carried. Then race.

Wind-down time

Both will go batshit crazy.

One will end up crying.


The toddler will either go to bed without any fuss, or will insist he’s ‘trapped/hurt/scared/cold’ and needs ‘rescuing’, this is code for ‘I haven’t seen enough TV today so will need a three hour marathon tonight’.

The baby has no bedtime. She has a time we wish she’d go to bed. But she dances to her own tune and isn’t afraid of releasing a shrill cry until she’s back downstairs. No amount of ‘I don’t care/she will go to sleep eventually/why is she doing this she’s clearly tired’ will make a blind bit of difference. She hates bedtime.


The toddler will sleep through or will occasionally wake for a quick cuddle. We actually cherish this. Sometimes.

The baby will wake at least three times a night. Or if she only wakes twice, one of those times will be for at least an hour. No reason, just because.

daily life

This is our daily life with two tiny children. Of course, eaach day isn’t always exactly like this, I highlight the tough parts for your entertainment only. Is your daily life similar? Are you also a proud owner of a baby and toddler?

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  1. December 27, 2015 / 9:12 am

    My younger 2 were just like this!They still fight like cat and dog over toys,as soon as one gets picked up the other wants it!Drives me insane.Love that you see the humour in it all,Just gotta laugh haven’t you x

    • firstooth
      December 27, 2015 / 6:51 pm

      They are funny to watch aren’t they. I’m sometimes so engrossed in their fallouts that I forget to intervene it’s terrible! X

  2. March 24, 2016 / 2:24 pm

    My younger two are just 16 months apart – so yes, I can sympathise and understand fully the routine. Now myboys are more like twins – they play together, almost the same height, and are good friends and yet have totally different personalities! I quite like thecloser age gap. My other children have 3/4 years between them.

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