Flawless Friday 19th August {A Busy Week}

Another Flawless Friday already, a way to remember our flawless and funny moments from during the week. This is a way I can remember the wonderful moments and events during our week and focus on the flawless

This week we’ve been a lot busier than normal. It’s been lovely having something planned everyday and has meant my blog has taken a backseat slightly, which I’ve been more than OK with. It’s nice to not have to be glued to my phone throughout the day. Not that it’s a necessity, but you know how it can be. So I won’t ramble too much and I’ll start this weeks happy list!

Flawless Friday

  • My girl is still sleeping through. We had a little set back over the weekend, but from Sunday night she was back to sleeping from 7 til 7. I feel very lucky, and rested!

  • Two play dates this week. Both went really, well the kiddies played together brilliantly and I managed to have a nice catch up with two friends and a giggle too.

  • I’ve baked a few things with the kids this week, which is a complete first for us. We’ve even been carefree and given our biggest boy play-doh. It was a little messy, the baking I mean, but they were so excited to get involved and that was the point in the first place! Keep an eye out for recipes coming here soon!

  • We visited Hastings on Saturday and it was such a fantastic day. We arrived at 10.30am and left a little past 8pm. That’s when you know it’s been a good day, when neither toddler has been grumpy meaning we didn’t have to rush off.

  • We visited the amusements in the week, which also has a funfair. My daughter makes me laugh, she’s always so desperate to go on the rides, then cries the entire time she’s on it.

  • We had a lovely visit to the garden centre for tea and cake. It was so delicious, the kids weren’t at all interested in theirs, they just wanted to play on those big ride-on machines. Luckily we even found a pound to pop in it.

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