Flawless Friday 23rd September {Holidays and Playgroups}


blockquote>Flawless Friday is my weekly post to highlight the flawless moments during our week. Because our week may not always be perfect but there’s always something to be grateful for.

This week has been a brilliant week. It’s a little sad that we’re home from holiday, but you know the saying ‘there’s no place like home’. It was really nice to get settled back into our daily routine and sleep in our own beds. That also explains why there was no Flawless Friday last week, we were too busy sipping cream teas in the New Forest.


Flawless Friday

  • Our holiday in the New Forest is definitely my favourite to write about this week. I won’t ramble on about everything we did here because I’m writing a separate post for each of our days. We laughed so hard every day and it was also a very real holiday with children, it’s not the relaxing break that holidays once were. It’s chaotic, crazy and there’s never a moment to spare. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • My son loving his first rollercoaster. At Paultons Park we went on the caterpillar, which is quite a nippy little rollercoaster, but he was tall enough so I took him on it. He absolutely loved every second that he had to go on again. I was so proud of him because it was something I didn’t think he’d be comfortable with.

  • So many blogging things going on. I feel very lucky that not only am I in the top 500 blogs (this month at least) that I’ve been able to get involved with some brilliant opportunities. It may mean quite a few late nights to make sure everything is completed!

  • We attended two new playgroups this week. When my kiddies were little we used to go to one every day. I loved it, my son loved it and my daughter slept or enjoyed cuddles from the other mums, she was still a tiny baby. Then we moved to a completely different area and I’ve been putting off going for a year. I’m not sure if it was nerves because it is quite daunting to be the ‘new girl’ no matter how old you are. But we went and although I felt I stuck out a little like a sore thumb, it didn’t take long for us to settle in.

  • We’ve been getting out quite a lot lately, I think I’m trying to keep up with how active we were on holiday as it was so easy to keep everyone entertained and happy. So we’ve been on a few lovely walks around the nearby fields and my boy rode his scooter where he could. We’ve also visited our local castle for a picnic and managed to go on a conker hunt.

  • A lot of people may disagree and be sad summer is over, but I’m not. I absolutely love Autumn. I’m so happy to see those golden red leaves scattered everywhere and the beautiful colours of the trees. Autumn clothes are cosy and it also means we can start lighting our candles every evening, it’s sort of an autumn/winter tradition.

I hope you’ve had a lovely week and have a flawless weekend!

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