Flawless Friday 2nd September {A Chatty Little Update}

I’m back for this weeks Flawless Friday, which will focus on the flawless moments of our week and a little update of what we’ve been up to. If anything, it’s nice to take note of everything good that’s been happening in our lives and to look back in the future, remembering what life was like once.

I missed lasts weeks post because if I’m honest, I forgot. I write these posts every Thursday night and last week I completely forgot it was Thursday and watched Big Brother instead. So this week I’ll do a bumper version of Flawless Friday and chat about everything we’ve been up to.

We’ve been so busy these last couple of weeks that time has just been flying by. Which in one respect is good because we have lots of lovely things happening towards the end of the year, but it also means our sons third birthday has rattled around far quicker than I’d have liked. I’ve only just bought his birthday presents, I feel terrible that I’m not organized, but I’m sure a birthday party will make up for it!

I’ve found it quite hard lately to fit blogging into our schedule. With Mr F working nights I’ve been doing everything almost solo. Which has meant I save quite a lot  of chores for when the kiddies are in bed and once I’m finished, I just want to relax. But Mr F has finished his contract of nights and will be back to his usual days, which are a bit all over the place anyway! His night work has also meant I’ve not taken the kids out in the afternoons, so we’ve saved any interesting outings for the weekend and during the week have been fairly boring. I’ve taken the kids out most mornings, whether it be to the beach or the dreaded supermarket shop, but I’ve chosen to stay home in the afternoons so we can spend a little time as a family before Mr F whizzes off to work again.

So I’m really looking forward to it being business as usual again and getting back into the swing of things. My kids get cabin fever when they spend too much time indoors. I think it may take me a while to adjust to having Mr F home in the evenings, while I do enjoy a tea being made for me, I won’t enjoy not being able to watch trashy TV to my hearts content. But I suppose Big Brother has finished now hasn’t it…

This weeks flawless Friday

  • We visited Tractorfest, which is now a yearly tradition for as long as our toddler babes enjoy it. Our friends also joined us this year which was so lovely, and I think it’ll be something we do mroe regularly now because all of our kiddies have so much fun together. But my goodness four kids are a lot!

  • Our son went down a scarily high bouncy slide. It was high for him, but for me to watch him go up there, I felt like he was climbing a mountain. His face beamed with happiness as he came down by himself, I was so proud of him. He’s not normally one to let go of his fears, he tends to shy away from danger, which is the complete opposite to his sister. Watching him come down the slide without an ounce of fear gave me butterflies.

  • My little babes and I did some baking together and the cookies we made tasted delicious. My littlest kept destroying everything, so I distracted her with a packet of Quavers and my boy ended up making the cookies himself. It’s great how they appreciate such simple things like this. It’s something I want to do with them more often. If anything, it entertains them for half an hour and we end up with a tasty treat afterwards.

  • I went to Mr F’s brothers girlfriends baby shower. That’s a mouthful to say, it’ll be handy once we’re official ‘sisters-in-law’, it’s much easier to say. It was such a beautiful afternoon and in the sweetest of places too. She’s so lucky to have a friend that planned every detail so perfectly and of course her baby girl was completely spoilt. I was a little nervous about going at first because I didn’t know anyone really, but it was a lovely afternoon.

  • Our sons’ shelves have been put up and dressed with books. It may be boring to some, but not to me. I do love it when a job gets finished.

  • We had a lovely trip down to the beach and we didn’t even notice the three hours go by. We sat alongside a few fishing boats and threw pebbles in the sea, hunted for crab shells and watched the ships pass us by.

  • One evening we left our little ones with their grandparents and had a take away with Mr Fs brother and brothers girlfriend. We don’t see them often so it’s nice to catch up and hopefully once their baby arrives we’ll get together a little more.

  • I had a huge Primark haul and I’m so pleased to have finally updated my wardrobe after a good few years.

  • Saturday, last weekend, we visited our good friends. Our husbands went out for a game of golf while us girls took care of the kids. I do think they got the better end of the deal as our kiddies all had a meltdown at least once and sometimes simultaneously. We did have such a giggle though and it was lovely to have the kids playing out in the garden so well. Then we all tucked into the BBQ when the men returned.

  • I had a lovely time with my mum last Sunday. Eating tea and cake, which is just what we enjoy doing.

  • We’ve had a huge clear out of old rubbish. I like organisation and tidiness so the clutter that we’ve accumulated was getting on my nerves a little bit. There’s still a lot more to organise, but thanks to YouTube we’re tackling it one room at a time.

  • Possibly the best thing that’s happened over these past few weeks is having my sons hours at nursery confirmed. I couldn’t have asked for better hours for him and although I’m a little nervous about leaving him, I’m so excited for him to start.

The perfect day to visit the beach. Blue skies, calm sea and sunshine. The only problem is that the kiddies slept on the way home. Even a five minute nap means they can last seven hours past bedtime 😐 . .

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So that is this weeks Flawless Friday. I nearly didn’t make it again because I was up late last night working on a few bits and this morning we had a taster session at my sons nursery. Then this afternoon I’ve been preparing everything for my sons party. But I’ve managed to find a few minutes to finish what I started last night. We’re also having a takeaway tonight. Flawless!

I hope you’ve had a lovely week and have a flawless weekend!

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  1. September 7, 2016 / 5:54 am

    I’ve just been reading your post thinking, ahh lovely, how cute, too sweet, ooo Tractorfest (most Google) yum cakes, yay bouncy castle no fear and then I hit, Primark haul…

    I need details lady. What did you buy? My wardrobe is still a mixture of leggings, post baby jeans and enough stripe tops to dress the city of Paris X

    Ps great news on the nursery hours X

  2. September 7, 2016 / 10:17 am

    Looks like you’ve had a productive time!! I need a big shopping trip too! #bestandworst

  3. September 7, 2016 / 8:39 pm

    Oh my gosh I love that pebbly picture!! Sounds like a fab week, my son would love tractor fest!! Thanks for linking up lovely #bestandworst

  4. September 12, 2016 / 4:55 pm

    Sounds like you’ve had some great fun! Love baking with my son too xx #bestandworst

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