Flawless Friday 5th August {Sleep training has started}

Another Flawless Friday already, a way to remember our flawless and funny moments from during the week. This is a way I can remember the wonderful moments and events during our week and focus on the flawless.

I don’t think there’ll be much on this weeks list. Not that we’ve had a particularly awful week but because not much has gone one. We’re all very tired because my smallest one has accelerated the amount of times she wakes in the night, which she makes me suffer for the following day. We’ve had quite a nice week really, that in itself is flawless. Although I didn’t manage to sneak off to Aldi this week which I’m a little diappointed about, it’s a shop I can go in for a pint of milk, but leave with Spanish Chorizo, a new bench for the garden, bargain priced courgettes and rolls upon rolls of bin liners. I’m obsessed with the shop and look forward to going there each week, even when I have nothing to buy. It kills time, what can I say.


Flawless Friday

  • I’ll start with the sleep training. We are having some awful nights sleep with my little miss waking up at all hours demanding milk. I say ‘we’, Mr F hasn’t been here to enjoy such a thing as he’s been working a few nights again. Tuesday night I must have only had a few hours sleep collectively and was falling asleep on the job throughout Wednesday. It makes me a terrible mum when I’m tired, it really affects my mood and my kids instantly lose the fun and silly mum they’re used to. Normally. So Wednesday night I put my foot down and decided this needed to stop, she needs a full nights sleep just as much as I do. So I’ve taken away her milk crutch throughout the night and have been attempting the controlled crying. It was awful, but the flawless part of this was that I stuck to it. Hopefully this is the start to breaking a habit which I encouraged in the first place. If it all goes well I’ll write a post including tips and share the honest events of our nights.

  • We’ve managed to clear out so many old toys and clothes ready for the charity shop and a boot-fair over the weekend. I had kept so many clothes because of their sentimental meaning to me, when in reality they’re never going to be worn again and I’d love for them to go to another family to be loved. It’s hard to make the decision to give clothes away because it’s like you’re losing a part of their childhood. For me it feels like letting go of their baby stage and it’s something I so desperately want to cling on to, eventhough they’re big bouncing toddlers now.

  • We’ve been making some delicious meals with our new Tefal and they’re taking only minutes to cook, it’s absolutely amazing how it works and how it’s changed our evening for the better.

  • We had a lovely weekend last weekend. Lots of giggles and happy kiddies. I love being busy and from Friday to Sunday we really made the most of our time and enjoyed every second. There’s a video on my YouTube channel which I’ll pop below. It’s probably more for my enjoyment to watch really but if it’s your thing, then I hope you enjoy it.

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Flawless Reads

  • Amy is such a lovely lady. We didn’t get to properly chat when we met last but she’s so someone that I can appreciate, very kind and funny. Along with that I absolutely love her blog Mr & Mrs T Plus Three, she’s girly like me, loves beauty but also writes about general family life and blogging. One post that has been like a little gold nugget to me is about growing your Instagram. I’m not necessarily growing mine rapidly but I appreciate every new follow and I’m always so pleased. I keep her advice in the back of my mind and like she once said, there’s nothing instant about my Instagram. All the pictures have been carefully selected and taken from my ‘big camera’. But they’re all ones which I love  and hope that each new follower enjoys too. Her post helped me shaped my Instagram into the bright feed it is now so if you’re a blogger, it’s certainly worth reading.

  • Aby is also all of the above and blogs quite heavily about blogging over at You Baby Me Mummy, a total Mum Boss! But my favourite post of hers this week was about their experience at Camp Bestival. I’d never even heard of such a thing until Aby mentioned it and it’s really made me want to be more adventurous with my little ones. Although camping really isn’t my cup of tea, it sounds so amazing for kids I couldn’t have them miss out.

  • Kate blogs over at Refined Prose, completely on my wavelength with her sense of humour, we clicked quickly. I loved her blog on activities to do this summer. They’re simple things that wouldn’t have necessarily crossed my mind and they’re all free! Unless you’re paying your kiddies to do chores, then that’ll cost a little but it’s a win situation. The summer holidays doesn’t necessarily apply to me because, well, they don’t exist to us yet! So all of Kates ideas will apply to us throughout the year and I can’t wait to have a water fight!

  • Bridget has a lovely lifestyle blog over at Bridie By The Sea. One of my favourite sweet treats is brownies, especially homemade ones, they’re so delicious. So I was incredibly pleased when I saw Bridgets easy peasy Chocolate Brownie recipe.

I hope you’ve had a few flawless moments in your week, and have a lovely weekend!

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  1. August 6, 2016 / 11:00 am

    Best of luck cracking the sleep training – I hate when sleep deprivation turns you into such a grumpy mum. You’ve reminded me I definitely need to tackle a clear out soon – we have a build up accumulating! #TheList

  2. August 9, 2016 / 6:05 pm

    We could do with some sleep training in our house at the moment! #thelist

    • firstooth
      August 11, 2016 / 9:28 pm

      I’d recommend controlled crying it’s a lot less heartbreaking than the cry it out method

  3. August 12, 2016 / 7:17 pm

    Thank you for the mention – lovely post and hope the sleep training goes well xx #inspireandflourish

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