Flawless Friday 9th September {Birthday Celebrations}

Another week of Flawless Friday, which is a roundup of the weeks Flawless moments and a way to record what we’ve been up to. I’ve really been enjoying writing this post each week because it really reminds me to remember the good things instead of focusing on anything negative.

This week we did have a particularly bad day, stress levels were high and the kids weren’t in a good mood at all. The rest of the week however has been brilliant.

Flawless Friday:

  • Last Saturday we had our sons birthday party which was such a lovely day. I wrote a post about it here. Singing happy birthday to him always makes his day and I love seeing his face light up.

  • Tuesday we visited the zoo and I managed to keep my toddler beasts under control on the safari, alone. They actually behaved like angels for me the entire ride, which is something they never do when Mr F is there. I bought them an ice cream as a reward.

  • We saw our tiny little boy turn into a three year old. I feel so grateful to be his mum, he’s such a lovely, sweet little boy and I can’t quite believe he’s three already.

  • On our sons birthday we wrote our wills (happy birthday) which is something we needed to do and thankfully my father in law set it up for us. Then, more to the point, we went bowling and had a meal in Pizza Hut afterwards. We told our boy that he won bowling, because it was his birthday. Mr F wasn’t to pleased that he lost his crowning glory, but both kiddies thoroughly enjoyed rolling the balls down the alley, they did really well too.

  • I cleaned our carpets this week. It sounds boring to some, but heavenly to me. There’s nothing better than burying your toes in a soft, clean carpet.

  • Our new internet is up and ready to go. If you’re a regular reader of this post, then all three of you may have noticed it wasn’t live first thing this morning. I didn’t have time to write it last night and all of today our internet has been disconnected. Until right now, at 19.22.

  • Our 22 month old little girl has decided to potty train herself. Two days later, we have a dry little girly! She’s been desperate to use the potty for months now but I’ve been putting it off, just thinking she was too young. But the past couple of weeks she’s been refusing to wear a nappy, so I decided to let her take the lead this week and was there to encourage and praise her when she used the potty or toilet. I’m so proud of her and I can see she’s so proud of herself too.

Without question, my favourite son 🎈

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So that’s our week. I hope you’ve had a lovely week, I also hope it’s not been too hot and stuffy where you are. The sun is nice, but the stickiness isn’t. Have a flawless weekend!

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