Forgetting To Put The Baby Down For A Nap

This does sound like a pretty silly thing to do. Almost an impossible thing to do, babies and their routines. But it happened, we forgot to put the baby down for the second nap.

First nap – check!

After nap 1 we decided to do a quick Tesco dash, to stock up for the evenings roast dinner essentials. Preparation for the roast dinner began and both children caused havoc in the other room (preparation, consisting of – hiding in the kitchen, catching up on X Factor, boiling veg and guzzling wine).

Time just flew by, I got through two whole episodes of X Factor before I looked at the clock, not to check which veg needs to be cooked now or whether the pork needs turning down, but to actually see the time. It was ten to four.


The babys’ last catnap is at half two. Shit.

What kind of idiot forgets that their baby needs a nap?

Me. And him.

I had two options now, and I just want to point out, both would be the wrong decision. I could either put her down for a late nap, to keep her refreshed, then probably end up fighting a losing battle at 10pm, when we would attempt a bedtime. And fail. Or we just throw caution to the wind and keep her awake.

We kept her awake.


The time was now reflective of how the rest of our evening was going to go. Ten to four not only means we missed the babies nap *pulls a ‘duh’ face*, but it was also ten minutes before ‘bat shit crazy hour’ with the toddler.

We had ourselves a real shit sandwich.

Right on cue the toddler went a tad insane after 4pm, up until we fed him dinner. Which he didn’t eat, of course.

The baby went from thinking everything was hilarious to hating life, within seconds, every few seconds. It was amazing. She also refused dinner.

This went on for a couple of hours until we threw in the towel and started the bedtime ritual.

The first night, in a long time the baby went straight to sleep. I’m not surprised, she must have been bloody exhausted! They say on average, babies of her age can stay awake up to 3.5 hours. She was awake seven hours.

But I’m sure we will still be called upon for a few night feeds.

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  1. September 14, 2015 / 8:28 am

    The baby went from thinking everything was hilarious to hating life, within seconds- This is so true. How do they manage this!!!

    • September 17, 2015 / 7:40 pm

      It’s hard to keep up with the over tired mood swings – definitely a tough week!

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