Fun At The Farm With Two Tiny Children

This morning the weather was very touch and go but we decided to visit our family favourite which is the Rare Breeds Centre and I’m so glad we did because WOW how sunny was it! This is a brilliant place to take children of all ages I couldn’t even list the amount there is to do. The main things we love doing there is giving all the farm animals cuddles! Apart from the baby, she’d probably assume they were food.

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The first part we always visit is the open barn. They have the cutest bunnies of all breeds, goats, sheep, pigs and piglets, chicks, a huge horse and a huge cow. They’re all so adorable and so friendly and so well behaved i never know how the rabbits don’t run off! Mason is so gentle with them too, EVERY time we go I say to Darren ‘oh come on lets buy them a bunny’! He always says no but one day I will win, when I’ve got the force of two children behind me.

PhotoGrid_1434211620865 (2)When I watch Mason walking round the farm, chatting away to all the animals and seeing his face light up it just makes me so happy. I think back to a year ago when he was just learning to walk, when our days out anywhere consisted of a lot of whingeing, because he just wanted to practice his walking, not be stuck in some buggy! I never thought then that these times would come, it breaks my heart a little at how fast he’s growing up. I will feel the EXACT same this time next year when Mia is wandering around, seeming so independent. Oh I can’t think about that now! We’re lucky she’s content in her buggy (most of the time).

PhotoGrid_1434211475746 (2)Masons favourite animal is no question, a pig (thank you Peppa flipping Pig). He laughs so much just looking at the pigs, the boy is hilarious, and every pig is called PEPPA! Obviously. Today he learnt to say ‘pig’ too! But he says ‘pee’ for pig, we get what he means. At the centre there must be hundreds of pigs and as the childish adults we are, our favourites are the snoring, stinky and HUGE Tamworth pigs! The snoring is so loud it could rival Mr Firstooths, they are always asleep when we go, we’ve never seen them awake. The lucky swines. Each time we visit they’re just in a different position. Sleeping. One of the Tamworth today was asleep in a mud bath, just his head was peeping out. Weird. Well, you know what they say about a pig in… they love it!

farmI think it’s such a great thing for children to see different animals in real life rather than on tv and to be able to stroke them is so lovely for them and us! Being involved with animals always brings out the softer side in people, so to grow up having these experiences is the perfect way to be able to be all soft and cuddly and it helps prevent any fear of animals. When the babes get older I think it’ll be a good way for them to understand where our different meats come from and what a farm is. They’re big fans of chickens, I don’t want to put them off, but, you know.

I can’t wait until our next visit and if you have any farms near you I would really recommend taking your children there, or if you know of any more in Kent then let me know!

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  1. Annie Blake
    June 14, 2015 / 9:13 am

    Love reading your news – I pass it all on to Anna & Clare

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