Funny Toddler Updates – Week One

Toddlerhood started a year ago for our son (almost, he’s two next month, where’s the tissues!) I wish I had started this when I started the blog as there will be many moments I’ve missed. This will be a great thing to look back on and if any future girlfriends feel brave enough to attend a family meal, I will be more than happy to go through these, while our son squirms in his seat. [insert sneaky chortle]

  1. Standing him in the window and hiding behind the blinds whilst he stares at passers-by. This was a great boredom killer and became a favourite with the street, until we moved.
  2. Learning to say frog, which sounds more like ‘f*ck’, when we are in public we have to reiterate that he really does mean ‘frog’
  3. Calling his sister Ian, when he really means Mia
  4. Saying ‘umm, no’ to any question
  5. Saying ‘ay’ instead of yes followed by a creepy smile if the ‘ay’ is to something like milk
  6. Laying down regularly in shops
  7. Wanting to be naked all the time
  8. Doing a dance which resembles the famous Inbetweeners dance from the film
  9. Finding it hilarious when anyone, other than him, hurts themselves


Next week will be an update from the week. Parents of toddlers know, a lot can happen in a week!

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  1. wonderfulandaverage
    August 6, 2015 / 8:37 pm

    This made me chuckle, toddlers are so funny! Your boy sounds so cute. I love the standing in the window game, wish I had a window where I could play this game! So looking forward to when my boy starts talking and mis-pronouncing words.

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