Gro Egg: Helps Keep Your Baby Sleeping Safe & Sound

You’ve probably heard of the Gro company and seen the Gro Egg, while searching for all your baby-necessities. I’ve seen the Gro Egg many times and I’ve always been interested in it. But, I didn’t know if it would be a gimmick, something we wouldn’t get much use out of. Two years later, I’ve been given the opportunity to review it. I hadn’t thought much about it, but when you’ve got the chance to -try-before-you-buy, in a sense, it made me think actually yes, it would come in incredibly handy.

If you’re unsure of what a Gro Egg is, it’s an egg. Not just any egg, but a room thermometer and a night-light with a really soft glow.


Our daughter isn’t a great sleeper, we’eve wondered whether she needed a night-light (it’s probably more us encouraging the habit, but we like to rule other options out). She has a night-light on her baby monitor, the one that reminds us she’s always awake. But that light is bright and too harsh to be left on at night. So, the light on the Gro Egg is brilliant, it’s soft and dim. It’s similar to our sons light, which has always reassured him in the night. It may have been coincidence, and many disagree with it, but our son went to bed and slept soundly with a night-light on. It was amazing.


The light on the Gro Egg also represents the rooms’ temperature. A cool blue for ‘too cold’. Yellow for ‘perfect’. Orange for ‘warm’. Red for ‘too hot’. It’s handy, in your sleep-deprived state, to know what range your babys’ room temperature is from a quick glance.

The front display also shows the actual temperature of the room. It’s back-lit, so at night it’s easy to see. You’re probably like me and most mums, wondering whether the room temperature is too hot or cold. Maybe even wondering what is the right temperature. You want your precious babes to be safe, but also comfortable. Mine sleep best at 20 degrees, so having something in my babys’ room which shows an accurate temperature helps me attempt to prep her room for a good nights sleep.

The Egg itself is lightweight and easily portable. It can be switched on/off easily with a push button underneath. One thing which would be handy would be if you could dim or brighten the light, but it’s brightness is pretty spot-on already. All-in-all I love the egg, I wish I’d purchased one for my little dots sooner.


The Gro Egg comes with a helpful little guide about safe room temperatures and dressing your baby appropriately. But here’s a little recap:

Temperature of room

3.5 tog

2.5 tog

1.0 tog

0.5 tog

Sleeveless bodysuit
Short-sleeved bodysuit
Long-sleeved bodysuit
Long-sleeved bodysuitShort-sleeved bodysuit and pyjama top
18°C (65°F)
16°C (61°F)
Gro-suitGro-suit and sleeveless bodysuit or short-sleeved bodysuit
14°C (57°F)
Gro-suit and sleeveless bodysuit or short-sleeved bodysuit

The above information was taken from the Gro companys’ website, you’ll find lots of safe sleeping tips there as they are teamed up with the Lullaby Trust.

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  1. March 7, 2016 / 12:26 am

    We don’t have the gro egg, but have other night light & temperature devices – always useful. Eldest toddler has a gro clock, which we like. I always used the gro guide to room temps to work out layers with sleepbags. Visiting from #weekendblogshare

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