I Still Haven’t Finished Watching I’m A Celebrity

I’m a Celebrity get me out of here is one of my winter watches. I’ve never missed a series and I absolutely love it. The challenges, the arguments, the disgusting meals, the filthy loo, Ant and Dec, it’s shits and giggles all the way for me, it’s brilliant.

Last year I was set back by a couple of days due to having

a newborn and a 1 year old. Never more than two days behind, heaven forbid!

As a mum, as a woman, I need a little escape. Mr Firstooth has his football and I have countless amount of trashy tv and shows to gawp at whenever I get a spare hour. Which I seemingly used to get, during naptimes and babyhood, where you could watch anything without being pestered to put Paw Patrol on or worrying they’ll absorb the questionable language.

This year I’m over a week behind. Up until today I was two weeks behind, but I managed to squeeze in a couple of episodes today while the youngest napped and I played lego with the toddler (with one eye staring at the tv screen).

Yes, I know Vicky won. Yes, I heard all about the spider Ferne eat, fair play, that is disgusting and I can’t wait to watch it. Originally I was all for Ferne winning, she’s exactly how we’ve seen her on TOWIE, some may be ashamed to admit it, but even Mr Firstooth enjoys the juicy Essex shows and so do many other people’s husbands. So Ferne was my frontrunner, she’s confident, kind and has so much sass, it’s great to watch.

Now I’ve been watching more, I can see why Vicky won. I’ve seen her on the other shows and I’ve never been a huge fan, but have always enjoyed seeing her really, quite nasty, rage play out on TV. She seemed to be a completely different person on the show, almost nice? Why aren’t you arguing with everyone? Ah, the oldest of the group have that covered ‘whys this place so messy?’ You’re in a Jungle, what the f do they mean? Vicky has been shown in such a positive light that I’ve even started to like her. I’m only half way through remember, so that’s subject to change.

This group is arguably my favourite in the jungle so far, although Lady C must have been mind numbingly irritating to live with, she was TV gold. Hilarious.


I’m hoping to have finished watching this by Christmas. Or at least before my Sky box gives up hope, and takes it upon itself to delete all the recordings. It’s hard to find any time to watch tv with two spritely children bounding around the house. In the evenings I only find time for 1 episode of the dozens of shows recorded, there’s a horrible backlog I’m desperate to sink my eyes into. I used to be so naive thinking it was easy to find tv time. I miss the naive me, who had regular screen time. I now cherish and appreciate that time a lot more, it’s a luxury and a rarity.

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