Interior Design: Decorating With Yellow Accessories

I’ve always found Yellow to be a happy colour. To see it can instantly life your mood, so incorporating the colour it into your  home interior can change how certain rooms make you feel. Yellow is a great colour for hallways, bedrooms and lounges, it’s also becoming popular in kitchens. So, take a look at these yellow accessories and see if you can add a hint of yellow into your decor.

Decorating With Yellow Accessories

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To incorporate yellow into your home design, you can either jazz up a room with yellow accessories or decorate a feature wall with yellow wallpaper or paint. There are many different styles of wallpaper which features yellow, but above you can see one of my favourite styles which is stripe. When you have a patterned wallpaper, think about the curtains and blinds in that room too, even the cushions. Mixing and matching patterns makes the colour scheme more appealing to the eye.

To paint a wall yellow you’ll need to think of the tone, do you want a warm yellow, perhaps for your lounge, or a cool yellow for a kitchen. Think of the sun and a lemon, there’s a subtle difference.

If you were to paint an entire room yellow, a very pale yellow wouldn’t be so overpowering. It’d make the space feel inviting and also larger than if you chose a richer colour.

To add yellow accessories into a room, it gives a little pop of colour. I’m a huge fan of accessories because they can be changed easily and moved around a room. You can redecorate a room without even picking up a paint brush.

Think about what kind of accessories you’d like in your room. In a kitchen you can accessorize by leaving oven gloves on show, having coloured utensils, brightening the room with flowers and having prints on the wall. In a lounge you can accessorize with a lamp or lampshade, scatter cushions, cosy throws, rugs and pictures. In a bedroom you’d be looking to include yellow in pillows, duvet sets, ornaments and even a fabric laundry basket.

There are some colours you may not have thought about mixing yellow with, but they work, I promise. Mixing yellow with deep blue or brown can make a room feel contemporary, they’re also great colours for a batchelor pad.

My favourite way of mixing yellow with other colours is either white or wood. White gives it a luxurious feminine feel, while wood keeps the room cosy and comfortable. Of course you can mix all three with paint, furniture and accessories. I also love mixing it with pastel colours for a fun feel in a childs’ room.

Shop the LookYellow Accessories


  1. Beach Hut Coloured Picture Frame – DotcomGiftShop £29.95
  2. ‘Carmina’ Light Shade – Vita Copenhagen £55
  3. Candlestick Holder – Amara £28
  4. Mirror – Amara £87
  5. Honeycomb Mug – Wilkinson £2
  6. Oriental Bedspread – PASX £12
  7. Wooden Chair – Very £39
  8. Cube – BHS £20
  9. Olli Ella Storage Basket – £75
  10. Aztec Vase – Kelly Hoopen £25
  11. Elephant Doorstop – £65
  12. Geometric Cushion – Homesense £9.99
  13. Frosted Glass Candle – Homesense £2.99
  14. Floor Cusion – Homesense £49.99
  15. Eco-Friendly Claypaint – Earthborn £38 per 2.5l
  16. Stripe Wallpaper – Wallpaper Direct £20
  17. Damask Patterned Fabric (Grayson Collection) – Ashley Wilde £28pm
  18. Paint ‘Brimstone’ – Edward Bulmer £39.50 per 2.5l
  19. Navy and Yellow Cashmere Cushion Cover – Oh Whats This £87
  20. Ombre Vase – Next £14
  21. Tassle Garland – Tiger Stores £3
  22. Floral Oven Glove – National Trust £8
  23. Patterned White and Yellow Mug – Amara £15
  24. Chevron Cushion – Homesense £12.99
  25. ‘Natasha’ Chair – Delcor £1,555

Many of these items are affordable, although the ones that may take a little (or a lot) more saving are ones that are statement pieces. Good quality pieces that’ll last and will easily coordinate with various colour schemes. As always, when decorating you can spend a little, or a lot!

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  1. May 30, 2016 / 8:58 am

    I’ve got serious interior goals now! Hello is my favourite colour 🙂

  2. May 31, 2016 / 4:23 pm

    Such beautiful things! I love that yellow and grey, it’s a colour I would like to do our bedroom in. Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx

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