We’re not Enjoying Messy Meal Times {With Munchkin}

Now we have two toddlers at our side, meal times can be very messy. Well they are very messy. I’ve never known anything quite like it, how someone so tiny can destroy the area around them by simply eating beans and drinking squash. Munchkin have kindly sent us a couple of items to help us with our dinner time trouble, which I will be reviewing for you in this post. As always, all opinions are my own and they’re always products I would have bought myself anyway.

My eldest is a fairly tidy eater, I’m not sure if he grew into it or whether he’s always been neat when eating his meals. His sister on the other hand eats her food with her face and fists. I use the word ‘eats’ lightly because a lot of the time a vast amount of her meal ends up in her lap or hair. She does love her food though and I’m resistant to keep pressuring her to ‘eat nicely’ so it doesn’t taint her enjoyment of eating. The two products we have been sent by Munchkin have been so handy in keeping the mess contained or easy to clean. So hopefully, if you have a messy eater, they may be something you’d want to try too.

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Munchkin Miracle 360°

I want to start with the review of the lovely pink cup we were sent. Our eldest is able to drink from an adult cup now and our little girl is showing interest in it too. The thought of giving her a cup of water makes me a little nervous, so the Munchkin Miracle is a great way to ease her into learning how to drink from a normal cup, without the spills!

She’s able to drink from anywhere around the rim of the cup and it automatically seals once she’s finished. It really is leak proof too, if you give it a shake and leave it upside down in your bag it won’t let even the smallest drop slip away.

The cup itself is simple to take apart so it’s easy to clean and it’s also dishwasher safe.

I was really impressed with the mess free drink, she wasn’t able to shake any of her drink out or spill it all over herself. It’s the perfect transition to a normal cup and she looks so sweet drinking from it with the lovely design. It’s brilliant to take with us on outing and holds 9oz of liquid, which I think is a fairly average amount for kiddy cups. This cup is definitely one I’d pick up for my sweet, but messy, little girl, right down to the design it’s perfect. The boys version is fab too so I think I’ll be treating our son to one for our travels. You can find this lovely cup here.

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Go Folding Placemat

The worst meal time mess will happen at the dinner table. This can be any dinner table, at home, at a friends, or on your travels in a restaurant. Munchkin have designed this brilliant table mat which can be folded and taken with you everywhere you go. It’s small enough to fit discretely in your bag and it folds away any mess tightly in the mat itself, just in case you aren’t able to clean it at that time.

There are two reasons why I love this mat.

This first and probably most prominent reason is because I’m a germaphobe. I won’t often openly say this, but it puts me off taking our little ones to eat in a restaurant more than the destruction we know they will leave behind. So to have something which means their food and fingers won’t come into contact with the tables really puts my mind at ease. We all know that small children like to empty their bowls out onto the table and eat like that, this way I can rest assured that the mat they’re eating off is perfectly clean.

The second reason I’m so pleased with the Go Folding Placemat is because it keeps the mess contained. My little one still manages to drizzle sauce and such down herself, but the table or her high-chair tray are left clean as anything. I’m able to fold all the mess into this brilliant mat and pop it in the sink for a rinse.

The edges keep crumbs and meals on the mat and it’s large enough to fit their meal, drink and cutlery on. The silicone means that it won’t slip once it’s unfolded on the table, but it doesn’t stop my little one trying to lift it herself. I’m disappointed I didn’t find this earlier as I’d have used it right from the start of their weaning. Better late than never!

The portable side of it is brilliant, we can pack it and take it with us everywhere we go and worry a little less about the mess (or germs). It is dishwasher safe but I’ve been washing it by hand as I wouldn’t want the lovely bright colours to become discoloured.

Have you got a messy eater or are you a little nervous about germs? I’d definitely recommend this, like I said, if I had known about this sooner we’d already have a couple sitting in our cupboard. You can find it here.

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Let me know what you think of these or if you already have them. Share any messy toddler horror stories in the comments too. I’d love to read them and it’d be nice to know it’s not only my child that will drench her entire head in spaghetti hoops.

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  1. August 8, 2016 / 7:58 pm

    Ah great review lovely. We had these sent but have only been able to use the cup really as my daughter is a little old for the rest! The cups is great for our new sofas in the lounge!! Convinced a tonne of milk will get dumped on one! Will have to try the mat for the next one…scary lol. xx #mravmondays

  2. August 12, 2016 / 1:45 pm

    I can’t imaging having two toddlers at mealtime, our one toddler makes a big enough mess on her own. Last night we had spaghetti. At one point she grabbed a fist-full of pasta and crammed in into her mouth, half hanging out.

    On the drinking cup topic: We probably went through a dozen different cups before we found one that worked for our toddler. Glad you found a good one! It’s a bigger deal than most people thing.

  3. August 21, 2016 / 9:56 am

    I’ve seen quite a few reviews on the munchkin cup and must say it looks great. My eldest has been using a sippy cup for ages and can drink from a normal cup but not without terrified glances from me, so I might try this as a handy in-between point! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

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