My September Favourites

There are lots of things every month that I enjoy reading, watching, buying or doing. Things that are often forgotten so this will be a nice way to remember everything my family and I were enjoying each month and there may even be things you’ll enjoy too.


  • Childrens books. We bought lots of new little story books while we were away on holiday and I’ve been loving reading them with my little ones every evening. Quite often it’s the only time of day my children and I communicate or listen to each other full without being distracted. Plus some of the stories are so sweet. Some are also very cheesy!

  • Aby from You Baby Me Mummy has written a course for bloggers. Totes free and she’s put so much time and effort into helping other bloggers, she has done for years. The e-course she released is all about productivity and how to be more productive with your brand and business within five days. I was away while the course was released so I’m catching up on it now and the information and tasks are complete gold!

  • Amy wrote a post about using Coca Cola in a three course meal. The meals she created look and sound delicious, even if you’re not too keen on the sound of it, the pictures are absolutely beautiful. I love food, so I love food photography and Amy always takes such beautiful pictures.

  • It’s always great to read style posts so I enjoyed reading Kats post about Autumn coats & jackets. I’m quite a casual girl and I loved the casual coats she included. Plus I’m on the lookout for one…


  • The Great British Bake Off. Obviously. It never inspires me to bake, I have to be honest but I do love seeing their creations and getting to know all the bakers. I also love that they’re ordinary people, not celebrities or extroverts, just a group of people that are passionate about baking. I’m really sad to hear that the show is moving over to Channel 4. I have nothing against the channel, most of the programmed I watch are in some way linked back to Channel 4, but it’s a big change. It’s going to mean new presenters and a new format. I don’t think they’ll be able to recreate what we already have, but we’ll give it a chance when it airs next years. Apparently their first series will be a celebrity one. But isn’t everything these days.

  • The Wendy Williams Show. It’s back after a long long break and it’s my little twenty minute escape every morning. She fills us in on all the latest celebrity gossip.

  • YouTube videos. I’m really into watching other bloggers videos, whether it’s a day in the life or a chatty video with lots of tips and hacks for mums. This month I’ve been loving Emily Norris and her updates. She’s just given birth to a beautiful little boy and it’s lovely to re-live those pregnancy and post partum weeks. She’s also filmed brilliant organization tips and hacks to help make our lives with kiddies run a little smoother.


  • I’ve changed my blog theme and while I still have some tweaking to do, I’m so pleased with it. I liked the previous one but it was a little too messy, it didn’t look right.

  • Popcorn. This is to do with my blog I promise. I was sent a huge amount of popcorn from Butterkist for me and my kiddies to bake with. My eyes popped out of my head when I opened the box, we have popcorn for months. I have a few ideas for our baking creation and I’m just hoping they’ll be tasty!

  • I’ve taken some really lovely photos of my family which I’ve been using throughout my blog. I’m not a great photographer at all but I love taking a photo that really captures something wonderful, especially when it’s of my kids.

Everything Else

  • Ripped jeans have been my favourite item to wear this month. As the weather has been getting a little more breezy I’ve been wearing jeans more often. My favourite pair are my ripped jeans, which were only pennies from Primark. They go with everything, flip flops, boots, cami tops, jumpers. I just wish I had more!

  • Since we’ve returned from holiday I’ve been craving the tea and cake lifestyle that we had while we were away. It sounds crazy, I know, but I’ve been thinking of places we could go nearby that have that quaint village feel and also has a tea room. We are actually surrounded by quint little towns and villages. They’re not quite the same as those in the New Forest but they’re all we have. We’re hoping to visit one a month.

  • Champagne candles. The smell of my new candles is the nicest scent I’ve ever smelt. Other than that of my childrens head, that smell is precious too. My dad bought me these candles whilst we were away and they’re sat next to our bed filling the room with a flowery smell.


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  1. Amy Treasure
    September 28, 2016 / 6:27 pm

    Ah thank you so much lovely I’m really flattered you said you like my food photography! I would love to be able to wear ripped jeans and those candles sound amazing too! Xx

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