Is it too Soon to put the Christmas Tree up? Flawless Friday

I’m going to change how I write my weekly Flawless Friday post. I was finding the bullet points a little hard to stick to. I quite to to ramble and go off on a tangent wen I discuss our week. So instead of bullet pointing the good events of our week I’m just going to expand on a certain event that’s made us happy, whether it be an out of this world experience or a fairly ordinary moment. Because if I’m honest, we’re a fairly ordinary family, but I still like to see the great in those ordinary moments.

There may be occasions when I chat generally about our week and gush about lots of wonderful things that have happened. Or I’ll just ramble on about one particular thing. This is also because Katie from MummyDaddyMe runs a blog series which focuses on seeing the amazing in the ordinary. Which is a wonderful thing to do, especially as a mum that wants to capture and remember the things that have made us happy in each stage of our life.

This week we’ve had a few meltdowns from the threenager and terrible two, which has been testing to say the least. But it all turned around at playgroup where they both played like angels as I chatted with the other mums there. I needed that little escape this week. But it all turned around on Thursday.

We had playgroup in the morning and I promised the kiddies that we’d put the tree up that evening. I really hoped Darren would be home in time to do it with us because he really wanted to be there but his job over-ran. You may think that we could have waited until the weekend but we just wouldn’t have time and toddlers don’t forget when you tell them something.

So, after dinner we brought down all the decorations. Well, we didn’t, I did.

As soon as my boy noticed the tree his face lit up. He was over the moon, jumping up and down on the spot and cheering. It was so lovely to see the excitement in him.

They both helped me pull the tree out. Which didn’t help, but I didn’t want to scold them for bending branches and not putting the tree together the right way because I was enjoying seeing their excitement. This whole Christmas period is for them in my eyes. There’s something so magical when you celebrate Christmas with children. It was really special to share that moment with them and I couldn’t help but feel a pang of guilt because Darren was missing it.

The kids threw baubles on the tree. Carefully placed the tinsel in no particular order. Then attempted to string the light around the branches. Which went really wrong. As they were trashing the tree, there’s no other way to describe it, we listened to Christmas songs and danced. It may be a really boring moment to read about but it makes me smile just typing this post.

I can’t fully explain how much the kids enjoyed decorating the tree so I did film it for vlogmas, which he can watch and in some way feel like he didn’t miss it. Although I know it’s not the same. I may just have to emphasize how hideous the tree looked.

untitled-design-17 decorating christmas tree untitled-design-15 untitled-design-14

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