The Perils Of Teething

Teething is one of the most unpredictable and questionable baby problems, which follows them right through to toddlerhood. Isn’t that brilliant. Our poor children are not the only ones that suffer, lets be honest, we suffer right alongside them.

You can never quite guarantee whether your child is teething, since the symptoms are very similar to that of a virus and irritable baby syndrome. Yet teething seems to be the answer to everything. Everything.

Tears, upset, tantrums, sleepless nights, dodgy nappies, are all met with ”poor thing, must be teething”. It remains to be seen whether they are teething, when we think they are. Symptoms occur and teeth appear.

Recently our baby has been insufferable. Mainly by me. The clinginess and needing to be held all the time (only by me, of course), the crying without reason, the waking at least four sodding times every sodding night (sometimes for over an hour, maybe two) and the nappies, oh the nappies, shit after shit, our bin smells like a cesspit. It all makes me question whether it’s me that’s not cut out for this whole baby stage, or if there is something behind the scenes, unbeknown to us going on.

We came to the conclusion it must be teething. These kinds of behaviours, all lumped together has to be given a reason, ”what’s wrong with her, what the hell is wrong with her?” just doesn’t quite cut it for a reason. Since it’s a question, a question that doesn’t help, at all.

Over the weekend we found ourselves saying ”what’s that smell?” a little too often. That smell was indeed the baby’s exploding bottom. That pesky teething again. I then found myself saying ”if I have to change one more dirty nappy today…” I needn’t finish that sentence, as you can imagine I didn’t have to change one more. I had to change four more. Four more shitty nappies, on top of the thousands during the day. She is literally shitting herself out of nappies.

This would all have been put down to teething, had our toddler, myself and Mr Firstooth not also come down with a similar problem (minus the nappies for us adults). Fantastic.

Sod it, we’re all teething.


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