Toddler Birthday Present Wishlist

Our son will be three soon, I’ll save any emotional ramblings for another post, this post is purely about his wishlist and things we’re thinking about getting him. His wishlist would fill a notebook, I didn’t think it’d be possible for a two year old to be so aware of birthdays and presents, but it seems every toy advert that comes on tv, he ends up asking for his birthday. But I’ll keep this wishlist brief, I just don’t think we’ll be getting him the new Panasonic LCD TV that he asked for, and probably not the Calgon tablets he saw advertised and most certainly not Gooey Louie.

So if you’re wondering what to get a soon to be three year old boy then hopefully these ideas will help!


Little Boys Wishlist

  • Thomas Minis

  • Thomas Minis Track

  • Thomas Trackmaster train track

  • Puzzles

  • Books

  • Hooded Jacket

  • T-Shirts

  • Smart outfit

  • Paw Patrol Station

  • Quad Bike

  • Remote control train or car

  • Play-Doh (covering my eyes with this one)

  • Colouring books and pencils

  • Backpack for nursery

  • Lunchbox and water bottle

  • Hatleys Coat

  • Wellies

You can see his list is a little practical as well as fun, but it means the things that we’d buy for him anyway can be made a little more special like a nice SkipHop backpack. This also isn’t everything we’ll be getting him or that he’s getting at all, he’s already spoilt rotten! It’s his and our wishlist for his third birthday. To be honest, he’d be over the moon with a bundle of those Thomas Minis and a fancy new backpack. Oh and a slice of cake, of course.

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