Toddler Books: They Love Them So Much ‘MoreMoreMore’

In honour of #worldbookday last Friday (#alittlelate) I wanted to share with you the type of books my little babes really enjoy reading before bed. We call them toddler books. The books we read are created with toddlers in mind, lots of colours and easily recognisable pictures. The only thing is, our talkative toddler, the upfront one of the two, will ask for more. He begs, pleads and thrusts the books into our laps until we read ‘one more’. Then five stories later he’s satisfied and will go to bed.

The ‘stories before bed’ routine is something we only started doing a few months ago. And I’ll be honest, it’s mainly because Granny Firstooth kindly bought the kids some new books, which are all of the books in this post. Before then, stories used to be read during the youngest babes naptime, to keep her brother quiet.

We’ve read these toddler books repeatedly every night. We know don’t even need the book to tell you the story of Brian the Smelly Bear. Our children don’t even need the book, they sometimes read it for us. But it’s lovely, it’s such a nice time of day to sit quietly, with the loudest children on the planet, and read fun stories which teach my little babes something new each time. It’s not just about reading the story, it’s about interacting with eachother, getting them to describe the pictures they’re seeing. It’s a time of day I really cherish, it’s also good to know it’s not long until we’re about to get some real peace, once they’re in bed.

When choosing a book for your little baby beasts, make sure to look for short stories, with short sentences. Easy to read, easy to digest. Toddler books with plenty of pictures and colours are also great for keeping your little one interested. I also like to read books about things my children can relate to, like animals, other children and days out. My son is very vocal about what he can see, so he lets us know exactly what he’s looking at, how many there are, what they’re wearing and their colours. He’s observant like that. He needs to let us know all these details before we turn the page.

I will always read ‘one more’ and I will always put the voices on to make them giggle. Because it’s not hard to be ‘the best’ in the eyes of a child, they remember these little things. Just like I remember my mum and her different accents throughout a book, my favourite would have been Hagrid from Harry Potter. She nailed that voice.


Here are the toddler books we’re reading:

Untitled design (7)

Although it says for 1 year old and 2 year olds, we own children of both ages and they both love each book.

(The book below is from LIDL for 2.99… Grab your keys and go!)

Untitled design (8)

These thin books contain such fun stories, short stories with huge printed pictures. We’ve memorized each one.

toddler books


Reading stories with children is such an intimate part of parenting, enjoy it. Don’t worry about the long lengthy books just yet, but I am so looking forward to popping Peter Rabbit onto their bookshelf.

What are you favourite toddler books?

toddler books

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  1. March 12, 2016 / 10:22 pm

    I always loved story time when I was younger. 🙂
    I find it concerning how my little nephew doesn’t care much for books. It’s sad really, I don’t think it is very healthy for him to want to play with his mother’s phone so much.

    • firstooth
      March 13, 2016 / 11:06 am

      Maybe your nephew will grow to love books my two weren’t too interested at first but they enjoy every page of a story now. Technology has a huge influence over out parenting these days I think

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