Toddler Updates #4

I think the biggest update to report is him turning two. Two years old. I remember shortly after he was born, people mentioning ‘terrible twos’ and thinking how distant in the future all that was. Well here it is. Although two isn’t so terrible, or will it be? We’re only a day in, maybe I should give the terrible bit a chance to flourish. I’d better not set myself up for a fall here.

He now recognises ‘mess’ and will point it out to me or his dad. In stead of saying ”mummy, that’s a mess” he simply says ”mummy’s a mess”. Little darling.

If he ever catches a hint that we are going out he will say ”lets go” as he marches towards the door. Or in the mornings, if I’m lucky enough for him to remain calm and cuddly in our bed, he demands ”lets go see Mia” brilliant idea, since she’s been up all night I’m sure she will appreciate an early morning visitor. Or, he now says ”lets go see digger” referring to the huge ride-on tractor he received for his birthday, he treats it as his throne, very proud.

Instead of saying ”no, I’m ok” he will say ”no, ok” or ”ok” very confusing when we ask a question, especially when the answer needs to be yes.

He’s now found a new obsession with his nipples. If ever his top his off, he will walk around holding them, maybe checking they’re still there or so they don’t fall off.

Running off is now the funniest thing, ever. For him. Falling over from this, is not.

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