Turning A Box Into A Helmet

IMG_20150619_144511 (4) - CopyThere’s so many things you can turn a box into and today we chose a helmet. Really it could be a robot, an animal or a cartoon character with your little ones face in the centre. This is such an easy craft to do with a toddler or a child and it can spark childrens imagination just from an old box that would have been thrown away. The other great thing about this craft is that instead of cluttering up the toy space you can (if you want to) throw it away after and start again with the next box you get.

We didn’t get around to drawing on our box because Mason decided he didn’t want to use it as part of a costume and decorate it, instead he used it as a bed for his teddy. Here is how we made it:

  1. Flatten the box and turn it inside outIMG_20150619_144445 (3) - Copy
  2. Tape the long Side of the box back together then insert the top flap back into the box and tape that down
  3. Cut a section out 2cm in from each side of the other flap and up into the front of the box where your childs face will be
  4. From the section you just cut out, cut a strip of 2cm wide along the length of the section
  5. Tape the strip to the base of the box on one side, so it would sit under your childs chin
  6. From the same section you cut out earlier, cut another strip 2cm wide and 7cm long
  7. Tape this strip to the opposite side you taped the previous strip down, tape each end of this strip so the previous strip is able to slot into it, helping keep the helmet in place when being worn
  8. Decorate the box to turn it into the helmet or anything that your child wants it to be

It doesn’t have to look fancy, ours didn’t, it’s just a fun thing to make and eventually we will get round to decorating ours too once his teddy has done enough sleeping in it!IMG_20150619_144415 (4) - Copy

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