Weekly Meal Plan

We’ve been on fire with our meal planning lately so I’m going to write a post as often as possible, sharing what we’ll be nibbling each week. I love writing our meal plans, but don’t always stick to it. Sometimes that can’t be helped if we’re held up somewhere or get invited somewhere for dinner last minute – I never turn down a meal cooked for me!

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Breakfast: French toast with apple sauce and strawberries
Lunch: Tomato Risotto
Dinner: Salmon Fishcakes with new potatoes and salad


Breakfast: Fruit and oat smoothie with buttered toast
Lunch: Egg and Ham Tartlets
Dinner: Chili and rice


Breakfast: Muesli, yoghurt and fruit
Lunch: Sandwiches, crisps and fruit
Dinner: Chicken and vegetable curry



Breakfast: Cheese & Tomato on toast
Lunch: Homemade chicken nuggets and beans
Dinner: Vegetable Dahl


Breakfast: Egg, beans & toast
Lunch: We’re not sure yet but the kiddies will probably have a sandwich and we may grab something in town
Dinner: A takeaway for us with my in-laws and a chicken casserole for the littles


Breakfast: Bacon sandwich
Lunch: Picnic
Dinner: Picnic


Breakfast: Cereal, yoghurt and fruit
Lunch: Pesto Pasta
Dinner: Tuna and bean fishcakes

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Let me know what you’re having too, I love a little inspiration for the following weeks meal plan!

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