We’ve Scrapped Our Wedding Plans

Months and months ago I wrote a post about the venues we’d seen and how torn we were between two of them. Eventually we settled on a gorgeous venue in the Kent Downs. Very country, very fresh, very rustic and extremely beautiful.

The main aspect that sold the venue to us, aside from the dainty little chairs, was the views. The best way I can describe this venue was that it’s basically a small glass box sat on top of a hill with panoramic views of the countryside. That’s my most basic description. Glass box. On a hill.

That was it, that was the one.

Then week after week went by of us not actually booking the venue and my closest friend eventually said she just doesn’t think that’ll be the venue. As wonderful as it is, it probably just isn’t us.

She was right, it was us in many ways but it all seemed a little too restrictive for us when it came to the planning of the actual day. It all felt a little too regimented and we just want a relaxed day, especially since there’ll be a few little ones running around. Small children inside a glass box does sound a little ridiculous now.

So Darren and I had a little chat and we eventually changed our plans from a small and intimate, yet incredibly expensive day, to a huge not-so-intimate day but a lot more affordable. We’re doing our house up you see, the smaller our wedding budget, the larger our kitchen budget. We have to weigh up our choices carefully…

Kitchen wins every time.

We’re now aiming for a very intimate ceremony but a celebration with everyone important to us afterwards. Sally down the road is coming, Ted from the Tesco counter said he’ll join us and even Linda from the maternity ward will be there.

At the previous venue I wasn’t keen on the idea of a formal sit down meal. I know it’s traditional, but we want everyone to feel relaxed, like they can play musical chairs if they wish or stand at the bar with one of our famous cocktails. Better yet I hope everyone is throwing shapes on the dance floor. With our new venue this is all possible. It even has a separate room which will be filled with child friendly activities. So it’ll have a slide and a ball pit in there.

Also, instead of our ceremony and reception being held at one place, it’s now going to be split between two. How exciting.

However, this was the plan.

We’ve booked everything and paid the deposits but we’re having second thoughts.

As time goes on we’re thinking about scrapping all of our plans and disappearing one afternoon to get married. We’re very much on the fence right now and I might write about eloping because I know many couples are tempted. Either way we’re very excited for what’s to come.

It’s a marriage that we want after all.

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